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The Follow Up Meeting is where the rubber hits the road. This meeting is a little different since the purpose is to get all your questions answered that you may have had in the first two. In this meeting, we will break down all the classes, the earnings plan, and show you how to get access to the funds needed to start your new journey.

You can also get a full reminder of how our Simple 3-Step Process works by reading the descriptions below.

Simple 3-Step Process

We streamlined our entire process into three simple steps for easy access to this exciting information about our opportunity. This information will allow you to make an informed decision about how our programs can help you reach your future goals. Simply fill out the short form above to get started in the process. We think you’ll be happy you made the important decision to learn more.

Step 1.  DONE!

The first step is a short briefing video that is designed to find out if we are the right fit for you. If not… no worries. We wish you the best.

Step 2.  DONE!

Step Two is built more to find out if you are right for us. This is a longer webinar that goes into more detail about how our program works.

Step 3.
Follow Up

The follow up is a Q&A session with one of our team leaders answering questions and explaining how YOU can benefit from our opportunity.